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2019 -2020
Hope Town Sailing Club
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NOTE: Only the House Committee can make changes to this sign-up sheet which is periodically sent to the Webmaster and posted as-is, in a photo format.



(Updated 9/27/19)



**Due to Hurricane Dorian, the Executive Board has decided to cancel the 2019/2020 season for HTSC. If reconstruction progresses quickly enough and the local members desire to have standups, this action would not prohibit members from using the club.**


The 2020-2021 Social Calendar will be posted here later in the season when it becomes available.


If you have any questions, please contact Kate Barr.




*** All Club members who attend a Stand-up are required to host one time during each season, per the by-laws of membership***


Please select one Saturday night or Wednesday race day to host. Choose an empty spot on the sign up calendar, which is posted in the club and on this webpage, and contact the house committee to confirm your date. DO NOT add or delete the number of hosts/host couples needed.  Be aware the Stand-up calendar is updated periodically and your first choice may not be available. We will confirm your choice by return email.





AS A GUIDELINE: Attendance at Stand-Ups, between November and January, average about 60 people.  The busier months of February, March & April may have as many as 90 members/guests. They are hosted by 2 or 3 hosts/host couples.


Definition of Alternative Hosting: Another option is to arrange catering for your Stand-Up, “Alternative Hosting.”  You are still responsible for the food to be delivered, set up for serving as well clean up at the end of the Stand-Up.  There are great local restaurants that can help you make a great presentation with wonderful food.


Definition of Amnesty Hosting Amnesty Hosting was originally set up to help those members with medical disabilities, physical restraints, or time restraints.  Prior approval must come from the house committee.  A fee of $80 per member will be charged.  Exceptions will be at the discretion of the House Committee. Amnesty funds will assure that every Sailing Club Stand-Up or special event is either hosted or funded.  


If the remaining open hosting dates do not coincide with your Hope Town schedule, you can meet your responsibility by signing up to work on a Special Event. The committees for the Christmas Party, Men's and Ladies Luncheon,and Spring Picnic are all labor intensive events and need and welcome willing workers. Working on one of these events is a great way to get involved in the Club and new members are strongly encouraged to participate. Sign up sheets for assisting in these events can be found on the website and are posted at the Club.


Members who will not be in Hope Town Nov.-April or are not able to attend even one Stand Up are exempt.


In addition, Proposers and/or Sponsors of new members are asked to assure that new members understand this responsibility and provide some "hand holding" at the new members first Stand Up. The initial hosting of a Stand Up can be nerve wracking and a little help from the members Sponsor/Proposers can smooth the way. Ideally, the new member and Proposer and/or Sponsors will either co-host or be on hand to show the new member the ropes.





Each host/host couple should plan to provide THREE SIMPLE APPETIZERS, not dinner.  There are some tablecloths, utensils, serving dishes, cocktail napkins, dish towels and cleaning supplies in the kitchen.  It is best to check out for yourself what is available before the week you are hosting. Kitchen facilities include two microwaves, stove, oven and sink.  There is no refrigeration.  HTSC provides two coolers for ice and two gallons of bottled water. Please DO NOT USE TAP WATER FOR DRINKING. Ice is to be picked up at Harbour’s Edge and bottled water from Harbour View Grocery; HTSC account for billing.  Please notify the House Committee co-Chairs of your purchases.  No other items are to be charged to the club account for your Stand-Up.


HTSC By-Laws Reminders regarding guest privileges:

1-     Because of space limitations, at Saturday night parties, each member is restricted to one guest per member, except during February and March when each member is limited to one guest per month.

2-     Members bringing guests should contact the host/hostesses for the evening and offer to bring an additional hors d’oeuvre. 

Important Note: The House Committee is requesting that members who plan on bringing guests to stand-ups, to please let them know so that they know how many extra people will be expected. During the busy season, guests will be limited to 10-12 per stand-up in order to keep everyone comfortable in the clubhouse.



Thank you for your support!


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