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We Support: 

Summer Children's Sailing Camp

 Cruising Sailboat Races

 Abaco Dinghy, Sunfish & Optimist Races

 Junior Sailing Program (in cooperation with parents and community)

B.A.S.R.A. Abaco

The Abaco Rage



The Hope Town Sailing Club was founded in 1964 and is a private club licensed in the Bahamas as a not-for-profit corporation.

The objectives for which the club was established are:

1. To promote the sport of sailing in the area of Hope Town.

2. To hold or arrange regattas, races and other competitions and to offer, grant or contribute to the provision of prizes, awards and distinctions.

3. To encourage Bahamians to continue their interest in sailing and racing.

4. To provide social amenities for its members.

5. To finance the Objects of the Company through membership subscriptions and fees.

6.To support, financially and otherwise, community projects.




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