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Hope Town Sailing Club, Abaco, Bahamas

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Welcome to the Hope Town Sailing Club

Nestled on the waterfront of the iconic Hope Town Harbor, Elbow Cay, Abaco, Bahamas, the Hope Town Sailing Club (HTSC) was founded in 1964 to promote sailing in Hope Town, and surrounding Abaco Cays. HTSC is a private Club licensed in the Bahamas.

The Club encourages temporary and permanent visitors and local Bahamians to join the club to participate and support racing and cruising in the community with a variety of activities for adults and juniors. The Club also schedules member social events and sponsors activities to support the Club's goals and the local community.

HTSC Public Racing & Cruising Schedule

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March 2024 Commodore Marcia Talley's Report

Annual General Meeting (AGM) 

The HTSC 2023-24 season has been active and exciting, a season marked by restoration, recovery, and growth.

Under membership chair, Linda Brodie, membership, which had plunged after Hurricane Dorian, is steadily increasing and although it has not yet returned to pre-hurricane levels, we are excited by the influx of new, younger members as well as the return of “old hands.”

Weekly standups have been well-attended and have attracted record numbers of members and guests, with the club house almost bursting with partygoers during “high season.” Ably assisted by Nancy Rowland and backed up by Amanda Malone, House Chair, Kim Stoltz has also wowed members with clever themed standups and special events. We applaud Kim’s efforts as she steps down and turns the reins over to Nancy Rowland.

I am most pleased to report that the sailing program has been rejuvenated under the competent leadership of Vice Commodore, John Barr. After the resignation of long-time Race Committee Chair, Jay Evans due to health, Scott Collinson picked up the ball and ran with it. Scott’s motto is: No boat, no problem. No crew, no problem. Turnout for races and Club cruises has been enthusiastic and encouraging.

We are grateful for the new treasurer, Monica MacKinnon, who has automated the function and provided the club with comprehensive reports, graphs and charts. The Club’s financial position is strong. The Club thanks long-time treasurer, Pat Judd who stepped down in the spring.

As most of you know, in the aftermath of Dorian the Club House was loaned to World Food Kitchen for nearly six months while it fed countless locals and rescue and construction workers. This caused a good bit of wear and tear which the Club is addressing as funds permit. Thanks to the efforts of B&G Chair, David Fuger assisted by Bill Hand and hired contractors, the clubhouse floor has been reinforced, sanded and refinished, the clubhouse painted inside and out, the roof recoated with waterproof paint, and the surrounding yard cleaned up. New construction on the patio has moved a trip hazard as well as enclosed the water pump and propane canisters. Dock repairs have also been made. This spring, the roof will be replaced.

Kudos to joint webmasters, Glenn and Linda Brodie, whose expertise has brought the Club into the 21st century. In addition to providing a “front facing” webpage, the system allows for automation of essential club functions, such as membership records, the online payment of dues/donations, etc., as well as registering for events. Linda also produced the attractive HTSC directory.

The Club has sorely missed the presence this year of Commodore at Large, Will Heyer, who has been side-lined in the States by medical issues. Reports are favorable that Will, his wife, Muffin, and his little dog Sophie will rejoin us next season.

Finally, thanks to Past Commodore Don Meinhold, the Club is well on the way to solving a problem that occurred when all the official Club records, legal documents, and deeds—which had been stored in a safety deposit box at RBC in Marsh Harbour—were destroyed, along with the bank, by Hurricane Dorian. Working with a Bahamian attorney, those documents have been recovered in Nassau and, with the assistance of Stafford Patterson, we expect our tax issue to be resolved soon.

Sail on!


HTSC Objectives 

To promote the sport of sailing in the area of Hope Town, Abaco. To hold or arrange regattas, races and other competitions and to offer, grant or contribute towards the provision of prizes, awards and distinctions. To encourage the Bahamians to continue their interest in sailing and racing. To provide social amenities for its members. To finance the objectives of the organization through membership, subscriptions and fees. To support, financially and otherwise, community projects.

HTSC Programs and Interests 

  • Variety of Social Events, Including a Weekly Stand Up in the Club House 
  • Sponsoring Large and Small Sailing Races Open to all Community racers
  • Seasonal Day and Overnight Cruising Events
  • Support of Hope Town Junior Sailing Program 
  • Support of Hope Town Fire and Rescue
  • Support of Abaco Rage Sailing Syndicate

Hope Town Community

Post Dorian the Hope Town Community is rebuilt and rejuvenated! Restoration projects, harbor cleanup and amazing rebuilding is completed. The community is vibrant with social, cultural and sailing activities, while much of the infrastructure - school, playground, church and community centers have been rebuilt or repaired.  The Hope Town Sailing Club continues to grow our membership as visiting boaters and new and old home owners arrive in Hope Town and enjoy all that this community has to offer.  The resilience of the local community can never be understated! An amazing rebirth of progress and innovation and entrepreneurial  endeavors have taken hold fours years post Dorian. 

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