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Hurricane Dorian


The website has been modified. Here on the HOME page you will find the latest important announcements and documents. Check out the HURRICANE DORIAN RECAP page which also has links to photos and videos that were posted here previously. Also be sure to visit the SURVIVAL stories page (if you would like to have your story included, email the webmaster). 



Support the rebuilding of Man-O-War Cay: Man-O-War Relief Fund and website link:



Please contact the Bahamian Red Cross for information on donations to other affected areas.



From Kim Rody for Brian Malone at HTVFR: DO YOU OWN A HOME on ELBOW CAY?? IF YOU DO, please fill this out ASAP:





Link to Google Documents form if you want to help volunteer your services with HTVFR hurricane relief (not to be used for donating goods):



To find or report on persons displaced by Hurricane Dorian please go to:



For reports on hurricane relief and recovery from individual islands check out:



Please go to www.treasurecayinfo.com for verified information on Treasure Cay.





September 18th:


From HTVFR 9/18:

As you can imagine, there is plenty of fear regarding the future of Elbow Cay. The residents and those who spend time here all want to see Hope Town return to what it was. Although Elbow Cay will never look quite the same, there will always be a place for the people who call it home, even part time.


At this time, we are still discouraging those from visiting the island to check on their homes. We are making progress every day. We should have the manpower on the ground to make Hope Town and Elbow Cay more conducive to those who want to check on their things.

Because of you and those here on the ground, Hope Town is living up to our name. The efforts taking place are offering a glimpse of hope for all of Abaco. We’ve submitted the paperwork and set the stage to support many of the cays in Abaco. The aid and boots should start flowing upon NEMA approval.

Again, please hold off on donations of hard goods for now.

Thanks for all you do for HTVFR.



From HTVFR 9/17: USAID DART hit the ground in Hope Town. They spent 5 hours touring the island evaluating our needs. They have the funding, resources, and manpower to start to make Hope Town home again.



Abaco power update - they're finally ready to head to the Cays for assessments!

Key details below...

Up to Tuesday morning, the team had planted 15 poles of 53 required, starting at the Wilson City Power Station in central Abaco and heading south.

Meanwhile, Brucely Missick, a foreman from our Abaco operations who had been among those evacuated after the hurricane, has returned to Abaco and is leading a team including members of the Abaco team who stayed on the island after the passage of Dorian. Missick and that crew are tasked with conducting assessments of the communities heading south from WCPS, such as Winding Bay and Cherokee, to ensure that they are ready to be reenergized, or to make them so.

Other members of our Abaco team are returned yesterday, and will be headed out to assess the Cays, in an effort to determine the best way to return these areas to service as swiftly and safely as possible. And another team from Nassau is due in Abaco on Thursday to conclude assessments of the extreme north, including Cedar Harbour, Fox Town and Crown Haven.


On September 17, at the request of the Bahamian government, U.S. Northern Command transported a mobile Air Traffic Control (ATC) unit to Marsh Harbour via a U.S. Airforce C-17. This state-of-the art mobile ATC unit, provided by the Federal Aviation Administration, will help the Bahamas Civil Aviation Authority continue restoring air traffic to Marsh Harbour as the people of Abaco recover and rebuild. The C-17 is one of the largest planes at the U.S. military’s disposal, and the delivery is another example of the collaborative effort to address the acute humanitarian needs of those affected by Hurricane Dorian.



September 16th:



Two weeks ago, on September 1st, the worst tragedy in our history unfolded before our very eyes. In these last two weeks, there has been little time for formal statements of any sort. We have been on the ground working. After an Armageddon like experience, we were all in survival mode, not knowing how soon or how far away help would be. Hurricane Dorian not only took a tremendous toll on many of our residential homes but it had crippled Central Abaco’s business community. The first few days we all shed tears-many, many tears. Our dreams were shattered, our lives in turmoil. But while sitting in the rubble and among the ashes in an environment that could tangibly be related to a war zone, we firmly and unequivocally committed that WE WOULD RISE AND WE SHALL REBUILD.

I was inspired when while talking with several residents about whether they would opt to temporarily evacuate. These men made of iron said, ‘NO! WE WILL SLEEP ON THE BEACHES IF WE HAVE TO OR IN THE STREETS, WE WILL NOT DESERT OUR ISLAND!’ I am daily inspired by the continued unbending resolve of the Abaco people, particularly in the Abaco cays.

I make this strong appeal and implore all of our strong and able men who have left our shores to return. Your community needs you. Yes, we are well on our way and restoration will be achieved with or without you, but without you it will take longer. Do not forsake your communities in our darkest hour! This is a time when your skill and hands are needed. Yes, days may be tough, nights may be long. I have slept for about a week outside on a porch, but I remain steadfastly committed to play my role and rough it out to help rebuild our community. We ALL have a role to play! We may have to ‘rough it out’, but the future of our communities are more than worth it!

Conditions will improve, things will get better! Make no mistake: Today was better than yesterday and tomorrow will be better than today! Day by day we are making progress and in due time our communities will be back, and our women, children and our senior citizens will be able to safely return.

Our communities are forever indebted to so many in these two weeks, so many that I almost dare not begin to call names but I cannot help but to thank the community of Spanish Wells, Eleuthera, the British Navy, U.S. Coast Guard, Netherlands Navy, German forces, Jamaican defence force, Missionary Flights International, Operation 300 and former Stuart Mayor Troy McDonald from Stuart, Florida, Samaritan’s Purse, Pastor Tom Sterbens and New Hope Ministries and our vast second home owner community and the list goes on, we cannot thank you enough for the tremendous outpouring of love and support you and many others have shown and continue to show to our communities. Thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Thanks are also in order to the remaining business community in our district that has teamed together to serve our communities in this time of need. I think of Man-O-War Grocery, Hibiscus Cafe, Man-O-War Hardware, Hope Town Inn and Marina, Firefly Resort and I am sure there may be others. Thank you for giving back to our communities at a time when we needed it the most.

Our communities will emerge out of this great trial stronger and better- better than we were before the storm. It is a long road but with hard work and determination we have made tremendous progress and this journey began almost immediately after the storm. The command centers in our communities are well organized and are on the move toward full restoration.

The people of our great communities are heroes to me. Their unbroken spirit, their unified goal of rebuilding everyday is something that I admire and I’m proud and privileged to be apart of. As I end, without any ounce of hesitation, our communities in this district WILL be back. We will emerge stronger and better than before.

I cannot end without giving thanks to the Almighty. The one who kept us in our hour of maximum danger and who has sustained us. Psalm 127:1 reads, “Except the Lord keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain”. There is no doubt that the Lord has kept our city, our district, throughout the ages and he will continue to lead us in these times of peril and beyond. May God continue to bless the wonderful communities of Hope Town, Man-O-War Cay and Great Guana Cay, whom I am privileged to serve and may God bless the Commonwealth of the Bahamas!


From Lighthouse Marina: To all of our valued customers, we are currently working on getting a barge with a crane to begin the process of evaluating each and every boat in the yard. This is however taking time, so please bear with us. We hope to have reports out within 2 weeks.
Thanks so much for your prayers, patience and understanding.
With thanks,
Craig & Linda





September 15th:




Hope Town Command requests that you all read the following report.

Your heartfelt love and concern have been received by all. Thank you!

We understand why some of you would want to come, see your home, collect keepsakes, and reminisce about the memories you have made here.

If you truly want to help Hope Town, please, we beg you, do not come here at this time.

Here’s why

- If you come by boat, you will require fuel that is in short supply.

- If you come by plane, the logistics of getting to and from any airport is not safe. Any airport accepting traffic is running with volunteer help. There is no air traffic control or ground crew.

- There is one Ferry operational; however, it is not making regularly scheduled visits and is being utilized for relief efforts.

- If your home is still standing, it is riddled with toxic mold. This means you’ll need housing and shelter that’s in very short supply.

- Food is limited. The population on the island seems to be growing and depleting the supply.

- Any homes that comes online is an additional risk of fire.

At the moment, all of our efforts are geared towards getting organized international aid, equipment, and manpower on the ground here.

We’re also focused on taking care of those who lost their one and only home.

Thank you for giving us this space. We’re making daily regularly scheduled updates to the Hope Town Fire And Rescue Facebook page, so please stay tuned.


Duty Info:


Hurricane Dorian Exigency Order of September 2, 2019
Posted on: September 4, 2019
under the Hurricane Dorian Exigency Order of September 2, 2019

Under the Exigency Order, hurricane relief supplies can be imported into The Bahamas duty free and
VAT free based on the conditions outlined in the Order. Importers must complete a simple, one-page
application form to benefit from these tax breaks. The Bahamas Customs clearance process has also
been simplified to facilitate the smooth release of hurricane relief supplies. There are three simple
Complete an Exigency Order Application Form
Complete Relevant Customs Declaration Form
Present Documents to Customs at Port of Entry for on-site clearance and approval
See additional details below.


Individuals and businesses are eligible to import tax free goods under the Exigency Order under the following three conditions:
1. Imported goods fall under the approved list of items
2. The final destination of the imported goods is an approved island
3. Imported goods will be used for charitable purposes to support restoration activities directly
related to Hurricane Dorian or by individuals who have directly suffered hardship or loss as a
result of Hurricane Dorian.

The final destination for all donated goods must be an approved island.

The Abaco Cays
Grand Bahama Islands
Sweetings Cay
Deep Water Cay
Water Cay

The following items are listed in the Exigency Order and considered approved goods.
*Bottled water
*Food for personal consumption
*Personal hygiene products
Medicine and medical supplies
Building materials
Bedding materials
Mosquito nettings
Electrical and plumbing fixtures and
Household furniture, furnishings and
*These items are only tax free for 30 days. All other items are covered under the 90-day order.
Ministry of Finance approval is needed for tax breaks on imported donations that are not included on the list. See process below.


STEP 1 – Complete an Exigency Order Form
Download forms online or request a copy in-person at Customs
FORM A – APPROVED GOODS – 30 Day Exigency Order Hurricane Dorian
FORM B – OTHER ITEMS – 30-Day Exigency Order Form for Hurricane Dorian
Form A is used to import Approved Goods. This form is processed and approved by Customs at
the Border.
For goods not included on the list, Form B is required to obtain Ministry of Finance approval.
The individual importer or business importer that is requesting the tax relief should complete
the relevant Exigency Order Form.
STEP 2 – Complete Relevant Customs Declaration Form
C-18 for Unaccompanied Goods (e.g. Goods arriving on a private aircraft or charter plane)
C-17 Accompanied Goods (e.g. When travelling through baggage claim at the airport or on
private vessel/pleasure craft)
C-13 Air Cargo or Sea Cargo (e.g. Goods arriving through a shipping company, freight forwarder,
courier: DHL, Zipx, Betty K, etc.). This Customs form is typically complete by a broker or agent.
STEP 3 – Present Documents to Customs at Port of Entry
Customs will be responsible for reviewing and approving documents at the Port of Entry.

The Customs Department, Ministry of Finance, and Department of Inland Revenue have dedicated officers to support individuals and businesses importing tax free goods under the Exigency Order Customs.

Telephone Support: 376-7657, 604-3011, 604-3076, 604-3157
Mark Daniels – markdaniels@bahamas.gov.bs (Nassau)
Lorrain Smith – lorrainesmith@bahamas.gov.bs (Nassau)
Clarkson Darville – clarksondarville@bahamas.gov.bs (Nassau)
Cleveland Dawkins – clevelanddawkins@bahamas.gov.bs (Abaco)
Celestine Cox – celestinecox@bahamas.gov.bs (Freeport)
Larry Bodie – larrybodie@bahamas.gov.bs (Freeport)
Ministry of Finance – Revenue Department

Sheronne Smith – sheronnesmith@bahamas.gov.bs
Gia Williams – giawilliams-ferguson@bahamas.gov.bs
Department of Inland Revenue

Gaynel Rolle –gaynellrolle@bahamas.gov.bs, 604-8070 (Nassau)
Shunda Strachan – shundastrachan@bahamas.gov.bs, 6048073 (Nassau)
Jamal Moss – jamaalmoss@bahamas.gov.bs (Nassau)
Leo Hepburn – leohepburn@bahamas.gov.bs (Freeport)
Crystal Spicer – CrystalSpicer@bahamas.gov.bs, 699-0053 (Marsh Harbor, Abaco)



September 14th:


From Hope Town Command for returning Home Owners:

The island is a terrible mess and we know you want to come in and assess your property. Returning homeowners or second homeowners need to be self-sufficient as the island is not operational to host you as it normally would. Transportation (air, water, ground) to and on the island is your own responsibility.

Get a Tetanus booster before arriving. Emergency medical is the only medical service available on island and is quite busy with day to day operations.

We ask you to volunteer cleaning up the island and common buildings (three hours per day). If you volunteer, you can get food at the two food centers. If you do not volunteer, please donate directly to the command center to cover your costs. Also, please pay for your workers food.

All Ferries were destroyed. Transportation by boat can be arranged for hire by calling Andrew Wilhoyte at 242-802-5526 (only small boats are available).

There is no grocery store, only donated foods and supplies.

Building materials are scarce and only available for securing your property (open holes, windows, doors, etc).

Very few tradesmen are available. Labor is available for hire, but know that it takes away from their time to help clean up the island and assist in recovery operations.

If you plan to stay on island, plan to be camping in your home if it is still standing.. Mooring balls are available in the harbour and anchorage is available offshore.

If you can wait until later, we would be very appreciative!



HTVFR US Comm Center are working with HTVFR HT Command Center. We are fulfilling HTVFR Command's specific requests and critical items.



For any flights seeking to bring relief, or evacuate individuals contact must be made with NEMA in advance.

Contacts for NEMA approval:
Ladario Brown – email: Ladario.Brown@bcaa.gov.bs
Juliea Brathwaite – email: Juliea.Brathwaite@bcaa.gov.bs
Mobile contact (242) 376-0830


Attention boat owners: Any boat owners with boats in Abaco who would be interested in helicopter lifting and relaunching their stranded boats, please contact Jay Evans, Hasty_Jay@yahoo.com for details.




We Support: 

Summer Children's Sailing Camp

 Cruising Sailboat Races

 Abaco Dinghy, Sunfish & Optimist Races

 Junior Sailing Program (in cooperation with parents and community)

B.A.S.R.A. Abaco

The Abaco Rage



The Hope Town Sailing Club was founded in 1964 and is a private club licensed in the Bahamas as a not-for-profit corporation.

The objectives for which the club was established are:

1. To promote the sport of sailing in the area of Hope Town.

2. To hold or arrange regattas, races and other competitions and to offer, grant or contribute to the provision of prizes, awards and distinctions.

3. To encourage Bahamians to continue their interest in sailing and racing.

4. To provide social amenities for its members.

5. To finance the Objects of the Company through membership subscriptions and fees.

6.To support, financially and otherwise, community projects.




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