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Hope Town Sailing Club, Abaco, Bahamas

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Welcome to the Hope Town Sailing Club

Nestled on the waterfront of the iconic Hope Town Harbor, Elbow Cay, Abaco, Bahamas, the Hope Town Sailing Club (HTSC) was founded in 1964 to promote sailing in Hope Town, and surrounding Abaco Cays. HTSC is a private Club licensed in the Bahamas.

The Club encourages temporary and permanent visitors and local Bahamians to join the club to participate and support racing and cruising in the community with a variety of activities for adults and juniors. The Club also schedules member social events and sponsors activities to support the Club's goals and the local community.

See the HTSC Public Racing and Cruising Event Listing and Calendar below.

Hope Town Sailing Commodore's Message

January 2023

Greetings from Hope Town!

2023 is off to a fast start for the Sailing Club and the community it represents. After a festive Holiday Season, we had our first Cruising Boat race on New Year’s Eve. Sailors are coming back to Hope Town after the stress of the past few years and we plan to build on the momentum.

The Club and its members actively support Hope Town mainstays such as the Abaco Rage, Hope Town Junior Sailing, and the Summer Camp for local kids and we have seen our membership numbers increase substantially. Many thanks to all our volunteers who have made this happen, and we encourage all with an interest in sailing and the community to step up and become involved. Welcome back to Hope Town!

Looking forward to seeing all, soon. Safe travels!

Don Meinhold Commodore

Vice Commodore, Marcia Talley           

Rear Commodore, John Barr                      

Commodore-at-Large, Will Heyer

Hope Town Community

While amazing progress has been made three years post Dorian, the Abacos and Hope Town still face challenges with a variety of community efforts that need support.  Look for the HTSC monthly newsletter where will continue to highlight the successes and needs of the community.

HTSC Objectives 

To promote the sport of sailing in the area of Hope Town, Abaco. To hold or arrange regattas, races and other competitions and to offer, grant or contribute towards the provision of prizes, awards and distinctions. To encourage the Bahamians to continue their interest in sailing and racing. To provide social amenities for its members. To finance the objectives of the organization through membership, subscriptions and fees. To support, financially and otherwise, community projects.

HTSC Programs and Interests 

The Abaco Rage

Summer Children's Sailing Camp and Junior Sailing Program (In cooperation with parents and community)

Seasonal Cruising and Sailboat Races

Hope Town Fire and Rescue

Abaco Dinghy

Sunfish & Optimist Races 

HTSC Public Racing & Cruising Events

All Members & Non Members Welcome

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Hope Town Sailing Club

Hope Town Abaco, Bahamas

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