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Frequently Asked Questions



How much are the Dues?

Dues are $100 per person if paid by January 1. Dues that are paid after January 1 and before the last day of February are $125 per person. If Dues are not paid by the last day of February, the member is considered delinquent. Their membership will be terminated and reinstatement fees will apply if they choose to submit an application for reinstatement.

How are the Initiation Fees and Annual Dues determined?

Each year the Executive Committee reviews the Fees and Dues in conjunction with the budget process. This information is communicated to the Membership in the Annual Dues notice which is included with the Roster. The Roster is mailed to the Membership prior to September 1. Dues are paid in advance prior to the new fiscal year which is March 1.

Can I pay my dues with a credit card?

The HTSC is a cash based organization. You can pay your dues in Bahamian dollars (cash or check), U.S. dollars (cash or check) or International Money Order. We cannot accept credit or debit cards.

I won’t be able to travel to Hope Town next year. Can I put my membership on hold and have my dues waived for a year?

There are no provisions for a waiver in the structure of dues collection. If you do not pay your dues within the stipulated time you will be considered delinquent and your membership will be terminated.

How much are reinstatement fees?

Reinstatement fees are $200 (Two Hundred Dollars) per person, the same as Initiation Fees. A member requesting reinstatement must submit a new application. No letters of recommendation are required, however the annual dues of $100 per person must be paid in addition to the reinstatement fee.

I get to Hope Town prior to January 1 or I live in the Bahamas. How can I pay my dues in person if the Treasurer is not in Hope Town?

You can mail your dues to the addresses provided in the Dues Notice or give them to an Executive Committee member.

I can’t remember if I paid my Dues.

The Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer have detailed records. The contact information for the Treasurer or Assistant Treasurer can be found in the Roster or on www.hopetownsailingclub.com


Membership and Roster:

My mailing address/email address or other contact information has changed. How can I get the updated information into the Roster?

Contact the Roster Chairperson. The contact information can be found in the Roster or on www.hopetownsailingclub.com.

I need another Roster. Where can I get one?

The Membership Chairman has extra Rosters. They can be purchased for a nominal fee. Currently the price is $5.00 each.




All club members who attend a Stand-Up are required to host at least one time during each season. A signup sheet is posted on the HTSC bulletin board and on the Website.

How much food should I prepare/order?

Each host or host couple should plan three simple appetizers -- not dinner. Attendance between November and January averages 50. During the busier months of February and March, we may have as many as 80 members and guests.

Other than food, what do I need to bring from home?

Tablecloths, utensils, serving dishes, cocktail napkins drink cups, dish towels, trash bags and cleaning supplies will be found in the kitchen. Kitchen facilities include two microwaves, stove, oven and sink. There is no refrigeration. HTSC provides two coolers for ice and two gallons of bottled water. Ice is to be picked up at Harbour’s Edge and bottled water from Harbour View Grocery, charged to the HTSC account.

How do I get a key to the club?

The key may be picked up at the Stand-Up prior to yours, or from the House Chair during the week.

How can I sign up to host a Stand-Up if I am not on island?

The current signup sheet is posted on the HTSC website at www.hopetownsailingclub.com. Click on Social Calendar. Choose an available date and email the House Chairperson to reserve the date. You will receive a confirmation by return email.

What if I’m unable to host a standup?

Amnesty hosting is available to assist those members with medical disabilities, physical limitations, or time restraints. Members may elect to pay amnesty of $80 per member in lieu of hosting a standup. Another option is to arrange catering for your Stand-Up from one of Hope Town’s fine restaurants. You are still responsible for food delivery, set up for serving as well clean up at the end of the Stand-Up.

We have house guests. May we bring them to the Standup?

Guests 18 years of age and older are welcome at regular Saturday night standups. Please notify the house committee chairperson and bring an appetizer to share. Because of space limitations, each member is restricted to one guest per event, except during February and March when each member is limited to one guest per month.  Some events such as the Christmas Dinner, the Ladies/Men’s Luncheons, the Commodore’s Dinner and the Spring Picnic are for members only.

How about race day Standups? May I bring a guest?

Race day Stand-ups are open to Racing Captains, Crew and Spouses/Partners. Non-member Racers are invited and encouraged to attend along with their Spouse/Partner.



Other Social Activities & General Information:

I’m staying in a rental house and the homeowner doesn’t allow parties. May I use the club house for a special event?

The Clubhouse may be rented for private parties. Arrangements should be made with the House Committee chair. A fee of $20 is charged for non-food events. If food and beverages are served, the charge is $50.

How can I be kept up to date on Sailing Club news and events?

The HTSC website www.hopetownsailingclub.com is always up to date on current Club events. Sign up to follow HTSC on Facebook. The HTSC Facebook page is a closed group open only to HTSC members. To participate, go to “Hope Town Sailing Club” on Facebook and click “Join.”



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