(Revised on December 5th, 2018)



Welcome New Members:


Ed & Lynn Cusick


Lance Krolczyk


John & Karina Pinder (Reinstatement)


Martha Ross & Bryan Jones


Will Lange & Suze Weir (Points South)


Ted & Claire Estep (Another Life)


Al & Lana Hefner



Posted for Membership:





Information about prospective members are posted on the bulletin board in the clubhouse.


Final Voyage (Members who have passed away):


Honorary Member Hans Mobius



Membership is limited to 300 members.


How to become a member:


The HTSC by-laws state that the sponsor of a candidate shall contact the Membership Chairman to obtain an application form to be filled out by the candidate. Four letters of recommendation are required including one from the sponsor who shall solicit the other three letters. Only two letters may be from members of the Executive Committee or from their spouses or partners. No members may act as sponsors or provide a letters of recommendation more than twice in a calendar year, and they must be a members for a minimum of one year since their own election.


The sponsor shall ensure that the candidate has been introduced to a majority of the Executive Committee.


Anyone proposed for membership will remain posted for 30 days, or until the next Executive Board meeting. Members shall be elected by the Executive Committee. Two negative votes shall preclude approval for posting and election. During the posting period, objections by a member shall be communicated in writing to the Membership Chairman, Deanna Taylor.



Current members should consult the by-laws in their current directory for a complete list of information and rules governing the membership process.



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