(Revised on April 3rd, 2018)


2018 Cruising Schedule


(All dates are weather dependent)





January 5th (Alternate Date, Jan. 19th): Beach Bonfire




January 24th-26th: Guana Cay Cruise

HTSC Guana Cay Cruise, by Jay Evans: Gnawing at the bit through days of gusty weather, the Hope Town crowd eagerly launched a two wave assault on Guana Cay. The first crew of five boats hit the beach at 5pm on Tuesday in an effort to dispose of all available frosted Grabbers. The second conducted a mop-up operation at noon on The following day. I’m told little was left at the bar when they departed. All were pleased to have had a momentary break in the nasty weather which has prevailed in January.

Photo Credits: Patti Hanafourde, Kate Wetherby, & Cindy Merrill




February 8th-9th: Little Harbour Cruise



Little Harbour Cruise Report from Jay Evans: Remarkably, all made it into Little Harbour over the shallow entrance bar. Nineteen members and guests gathered ashore at Pete’s Picturesque Pub. We crowded the bar, occupied several tables and talked about our great sail down, one long port tack. The plan was to bring a moldy HTSC t-shirt to hang from the rafters next time. We also exchanged views on the venal nature of raw water cooling pumps and engines in general: This was a sailing crowd.


As the focus shifted to the following day, we compared keel depths and the moon’s influence on large and small tidal flows. Bummer! Some of us realized that we had to depart around five the following morning to make it out before the tide drained the harbor. The catamarans in the crowd enjoyed drawn-out breakfasts and lazy departures.


March 7th: BIC to Cracker P's


Dave Pahl reports: Only the strong arrive (or survive)! 17 intrepid HTSC party animals, including Scout the Potcake, made the rough journey down to Cracker P's on Wednesday. March 7th. The Windfinder forecast was right on, and the wind was howling in the low 20's from the SW, with just enough lee to safely dock. Walkabout was the scratch boat of the fleet with Caesar's Ghost winning on corrected time for bringing the Harbor Cats, our entertainment venue. Cracker P's had great lunch specials and gave us 10% off our tab which was a nice gesture. Our Fleet Captain Jay Evans made a good call by not canceling, although it was way too rugged for the SUNFISH sailors and the smaller motorboats. Food, drink, and entertainment flowed freely and everyone made it back before the first rain shower of the approaching cold front. 



March 21st-23rd: Treasure Cay Cruise




April 4th: Beach Bonfire






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