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The latest Dorian updates are posted on the ISLAND NEWS page. Scroll down on the CLUB NEWS page to see what members have been doing.



Note from Commodore David Hanafourde:


A short time ago the Executive Committee of HTSC agreed to have the HTSC Clubhouse used to support the Hope Town recovery efforts as long as needed. How long that will be is not known. Due to home damage, boat destruction, and infrastructure damage, it is clear that many of the club members will not be down this coming season. There will be neither a racing or cruising schedule nor major social schedule for this season.


The Executive Board has decided to cancel the 2019/2020 season for HTSC.


Dues will apply at the normal rate. These dues apply to the period March 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021. We will have repair expenses and fixed expenses that may use all of the funds. If expendituresand repair expenses from this point until February 29, 2020 and repair and operating expenses from March 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021 are less than the dues paid, the difference will be contributed to HTVFR. In February 2021 the executive board will review the situation and may make a special contribution to HTVFR.


Prospective members will be given the choice as to whether they would like to keep their applications active or if they would like a refund of the initiation fee. (There are 6 applicants in this category)


The Executive Committee has proposed to have current officers remain in place until March 2021. The elected officers have all agreed to do so. 


Note regarding the November General Membership Meeting to address the proposed By-law change; "The flag officers can be held over for an additional year should the season need to be cancelled for any reason. Cancellation must be approved by the Executive Committee" was held on November 15.  The meeting was held at the Command Center in Hope Town because the club was in use.  There was a quorum of 10 members,  Cha Boyce, Richard Cook, Monica Cook, Ron Engle, David Hanafourde, Mark Kopp, Patti Love, Stafford Patterson, Jane Paterson, and Kim Rody.  The meeting was called to order by the Commodore at 1640.  Because the sole purpose of the meeting was to vote on the change to the bylaws, the vote was held as soon as the quorum was established.  The vote of those present was unanimous as were the proxies.  Richard Cook then moved for adjourn the meeting. Motion was seconded by Stafford Patterson and approved.  The meeting was adjourned at 1645.




Note: If reconstruction progresses quickly enough and the local members desire to have standups, this action would not prohibit members from using the club.



The HTSC Executive Committee held a meeting recently, both in Hope Town and online, to vote in those who have been posted for membership since the last meeting. Please welcome new members Steve and Betty Roberts. Click on the MEMBERSHIP title above to find out information regarding the process involved in becoming a member, plus a list of new members since our roster books were published.





Sad news to report: Honorary member and centenarian Adelaide Cummings has died. According to the website archives, she celebrated her 100th birthday in June 2014, which means she was 105 years old when she passed away. Condolences go out to her family, especially her step-daughter Sally Goodrich. Below are some comments and tributes to an amazing lady and poet…


From Sally Goodrich: A remarkable figure is gone with a big Hope Town legacy. Where to begin?  Adelaide met my father on a blind date at a dinner dance in Boston and it was love at first sight with a complication: She had a husband...jealous and an alcoholic!   Love finally triumphed and a long happy marriage ensued with their winters in Hope Town in the Honeymoon Cottage which they named Hope Chest! They became part of a remarkable group comprised of George & Offie Gallup of Gallup Poll game and the Krafft’s who published the Saturday Evening Post. Adelaide worked for a literary firm in Boston and fit right in. Father Lev Cummings was Mr Fixit and a welcome addition to the three couples. No phones! No police!! No Sailing Club! No Airport at Marsh Harbour!!  She ended up in a writers group there which became a fixture at the Sailing Club on Thursday’s at 10 am and helped many of the group to become published authors!  She also loved bridge and was a fierce competitor at the Sailing Club. When the Writers Group had their annual get together at the Lodge she moderated it. She was a very busy and accomplished woman.


From Janet Reingold: Adelaide was our writer's circle muse, our inspiration, our role model. Irrepressibly flirtatious, funny, encouraging, scolding.  The one person from whom we all wanted approval.  Poetry sprang out of her head during the night; she'd wake up with entire poems fully formed in the mornings. Here's a sample of her poetry, and a retort I offered in reply. 
Adelaide Cummings
    I fail to thrive
    And feel afflicted
    By guests who say (when they arrive)
    “I’m diet-restricted”.
    I feel a quiver in my legs.
    Oh my, oh me, what will it be,
    Bread or milk or eggs?
    Perhaps all three!
    What washes over me is dread.
    (All those meals I cooked ahead!)

Dear Adelaide,
Vegetarian is actually an old Indian word, meaning “Bad Hunter.” We just had house guests for one [very] long week who were right out of your last poem.  Diet restricted.

No gluten, no wheat
    No sugar, no meat
    No fruit juice, no milk
    Or foods of that ilk
    They left on the ferry
    Today we are merry
    We're gluttons for gluten
    And happy?  Darn tootin'!

From Deanna Taylor & Sarah Jenkins: She will always be special to so many of us in so many ways. Known as Martha Washington in days gone by in Hope Town.


Lorraine Morecraft commented that never a “very” to be written or uttered in her memory.



Amy Brubaker shared these memories of Adelaide: The fact she participated in Tai Chi on the HT beach in her 90s. How she gave us all hope that old age does not have to be boring and spent in a rest home. The way she'd walk into a crowded room like the queen she was and would greet everyone by name- correctly. Her cleverness in having only sexy young men as helpers in her later years. And the way she convinced me to NEVER color my hair. 



Chuck McClure sent the article below that Ellen wrote a few years ago as a tribute when Adelaide stopped going to Hope Town. It became a selection for the 2016 Writers’Read at the Lodge:





Many thanks to Muffin & Will Heyer and Ted & Claire Estep who spearheaded the start of the clubhouse cleanup, following its use as a ‘soup kitchen’ after Hurricane Dorian. There is still work to be completed, but on Saturday, February 15th, the clubhouse was opened to the entire community for the first stand-up since the devastating storm! (Photo credits: Linda Brodie & Will Heyer)





Get well wishes go out to Janet Reingold who broke her shoulder in 3 places while snow skiing in Austria, and to Pamela Cantrell who is on the road to recovery in Fort Pierce, FL following a roller skating accident that caused her to break both her leg and wrist!




Work on the HTSC dinghy dock began recently with the help of Mark Gonsalves and the Cruise Abaco crew, along with many volunteers. A water pump, lots of weight, and hard work was used to try and push the lifted pilings and dock back down to make it level again. Many thanks to all involved with this project! (Stafford Patterson photo credit)



Please welcome Kim Penning as HTSC’s new Membership Chair. Thank you Kim for volunteering to become a member of the Executive Committee. Thank you also to Deanna Taylor who has retired from this position after serving 12 years on the E.C. board.




Sue Holloway reports this amazing news for Junior Sailing: NEW OPTIS FOR HOPE TOWN

The 2019 Opti North American Championships were held in Nassau in late September, and two of our HTJS kids sailed on the Bahamas National Team. The OPTINAM organizers, the sailing teams from around the world, and the Bahamas Sailing Association all wanted to show their support for Hope Town, which had lost so much in the hurricane.

As a result, Hope Town Junior Sailing has received word that six new Optis are waiting in Nassau for delivery to Hope Town. Robert Dunkley, Director of the Bahamas National Sailing School, reported:

"Through donations from the various teams and assistance from BSA, we have secured 6 new boats for Hope Town Junior Sailing, fully equipped with blades, spars, sails, lines, and dollies - all ready to be sailed. The Japanese donated the sails which are slightly used race sails. We have put these in storage in a container and when your club is ready for them, we will ship them to you."

This is wonderful news, and a testament to the close-knit sailing community not just in the Bahamas, but around the world.



Updates From Club Members (& past members):


Keeping to the Coronavirus recommended 10 people maximum for gatherings, Dave Pahl, Betsy Moody, John & Kate Barr, Pim & Eleanor Epler, and Paul & Ann Gooding had lunch at the Sand Dune Cafe. They even practiced social distancing by staying 6 feet apart... 



Spotted at the Sunset Grill in Marathon, Florida were Ron & Jane Campbell, Wink & Cindy Merrill, Nan & Bill Fulton, & Di Hunter. Di, Nan & Bill are currently cruising the Keys in Caesar’s Ghost. The Merrills are on board Vagabond in Key West through April and the Campbells have spent the winter in Marathon.





The March 4th Hope Town West gathering at Jensen Beach's Sand Dune Café was a huge hit, with at least 37 people attending. It was like a card game...4 commodores and a full house! The long distance award went to Wink & Cindy Merrill who came from Key West, with special mention to Bill & Nan Fulton who arrived last week from Maine, Mark & Kim Kopp who were in town from Hope Town, and Barry & Marcia Talley who are spending the month in Cocoa Village. Several people traveled from Vero Beach including Lory Kenyon, the Prewitts, Metcalfs, Storcks, Ed Collins, and Walt Lincoln & Lynn Noyes.





Pat & Pete Judd have been on a cruise around Cape Horn. Other places they have visited include

Buenos Aires, Uruguay, Falkland Islands, & Argentina along with transiting the Panama Canal, in order to get to Miami to discharge the ship’s passengers during the Coronavirus pandemic occurring in many countries.






Ted Alford & Dena Cameron, along with Betty & Giles Beaudoin, have been spending the winter in Madeira, including enjoying Carnival in Funchal.





Terry Finnigan & John Hanrahan, John & Kate Barr, Lorraine & Bob Morecraft, and Dave & Carol Pahl met up at Jensen Beach’s Indian Riverside Park for a Fleetwood Mac tribute band concert.





Following their cruise to the Exumas in Iolanthe and making temporary repairs to their house in Hope Town, Marcia & Barry Talley are enjoying singing with the choir at St. Mark's Episcopal Church in Cocoa, Florida during their 6 week layover at Cocoa Village Marina.





Valerie & Maurice Healy, Di Hunter, and Carol & Dave Pahl had a fun lunch together at Manatee Island Restaurant in Fort Pierce, before the Healys headed to Hope Town for several weeks.





Another awesome Hope Town West gathering for "breakfast at the beach" took place on February 19th. About 45 HT displaced “ex-pats” descended upon Jensen Beach's Sand Dune Café on a beautiful calm day. The long distance award went to Marcia & Barry Talley who hurried from Hope Town to Cocoa Beach in Iolanthe, then rented a car to make it to the get-together. Do recognize some of the other faces in these photos?






David & Catherine Allin really miss everyone from Hope Town, but have been enjoying their winter in Villefranche, France.




What a fun evening was had in Vero Beach, celebrating Bruce Wolck’s 88th birthday! Many thanks to Debra Barrows (m/v Mandalay) for the photos below…





A gathering of Hope Town friends (who all met living aboard their sailboats in HT Harbour more than 30 years ago) was held in Fort Pierce to celebrate Sharon Girard’s birthday! Also in attendance were the Manleys, Collins, Prewitts, and Chappels. (Bobbie Collins photo credit)





A Going Away Party was held for Chris & Jill Prewitt at Heinz & Jacqueline Weber’s villa at Hope Town Inn & Marina recently. Many HTVFR, HTSC and HT residents turned out to wish them the best and thank them for their many years of service to the community. As the people of Hope Town bid a fond farewell to the Prewitts, who are relocating to Vero Beach, the other Hope Towners displaced by Dorian and now living on Florida’s Treasure Coast say welcome to the neighborhood! (Stafford Patterson photo credit)



***Please contact Carol Fillmann or Nan Fulton if you have any information changes for the annual roster/directory.



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DRESS TO IMPRESS!!! You can order items from Land's End, (including Polo shirts, sweaters, jackets, hats, luggage, etc) with the HTSC logo, in any size, any style, and any color! A US credit card & address are needed. The cost for applying any of the logos to Lands' End items is $5.95

To place an order: phone 1-800-535-30601-800-535-3060 FREE. Give item number and ask for Hope Town Sailing Club Logo to be added. The account number for the Sailing Club is 3002900. Specify which logo:

*Plain burgee logo ordering number is 922517
* 50th anniversary logo ordering number is 1340688
*There is another version for HTSC as well, set up in 2002. It is the plain burgee with the words "Hope Town Sailing Club" printed in red underneath. This logo number is 0269738





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