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The latest Dorian updates are posted on the ISLAND NEWS page. Scroll down on the CLUB NEWS page for info about members and their hurricane recovery stories.





**Please mail all dues payments to Treasurer Pat Judd at her U.S. address. For those members in Hope Town or MOW, Stafford Patterson will take your payment. Remember that if you have not paid by January 1st, 2020, the payment will go up $25 per person thru February 29th. If your payment has not been received by March 1st, you will be dropped from membership. If by some chance you will be resigning from the club and not paying your dues (we would hate to see you go!), please notify Pat Judd.



Note from Commodore David Hanafourde:


A short time ago the Executive Committee of HTSC agreed to have the HTSC Clubhouse used to support the Hope Town recovery efforts as long as needed. How long that will be is not known. Due to home damage, boat destruction, and infrastructure damage, it is clear that many of the club members will not be down this coming season. There will be neither a racing or cruising schedule nor major social schedule for this season.


The Executive Board has decided to cancel the 2019/2020 season for HTSC.


Dues will apply at the normal rate. These dues apply to the period March 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021. We will have repair expenses and fixed expenses that may use all of the funds. If expendituresand repair expenses from this point until February 29, 2020 and repair and operating expenses from March 1, 2020 through February 28, 2021 are less than the dues paid, the difference will be contributed to HTVFR. In February 2021 the executive board will review the situation and may make a special contribution to HTVFR.


Prospective members will be given the choice as to whether they would like to keep their applications active or if they would like a refund of the initiation fee. (There are 6 applicants in this category)


The Executive Committee has proposed to have current officers remain in place until March 2021. The elected officers have all agreed to do so. 


Note regarding the November General Membership Meeting to address the proposed By-law change; "The flag officers can be held over for an additional year should the season need to be cancelled for any reason. Cancellation must be approved by the Executive Committee" was held on November 15.  The meeting was held at the Command Center in Hope Town because the club was in use.  There was a quorum of 10 members,  Cha Boyce, Richard Cook, Monica Cook, Ron Engle, David Hanafourde, Mark Kopp, Patti Love, Stafford Patterson, Jane Paterson, and Kim Rody.  The meeting was called to order by the Commodore at 1640.  Because the sole purpose of the meeting was to vote on the change to the bylaws, the vote was held as soon as the quorum was established.  The vote of those present was unanimous as were the proxies.  Richard Cook then moved for adjourn the meeting. Motion was seconded by Stafford Patterson and approved.  The meeting was adjourned at 1645.




Note: If reconstruction progresses quickly enough and the local members desire to have standups, this action would not prohibit members from using the club.




Work on the HTSC dinghy dock began recently with the help of Mark Gonsalves and the Cruise Abaco crew, along with many volunteers. A water pump, lots of weight, and hard work was used to try and push the lifted pilings and dock back down to make it level again. Many thanks to all involved with this project! (Stafford Patterson photo credit)



Please welcome Kim Penning as HTSC’s new Membership Chair. Thank you Kim for volunteering to become a member of the Executive Committee. Thank you also to Deanna Taylor who has retired from this position after serving 12 years on the E.C. board!




Thomas Bethel and Neil Drori are putting together a group of home owners to do a bulk buy of 14 – 20 KVA propane generators to bring to the island in order to get discounted prices and save on logistics costs. Propane generators with output sufficient to run a whole house including an ATS (automatic transfer switch) run between 20% - 25% of the cost of a diesel generator of equivalent output. In addition, they come complete with an insulated enclosure, have a small footprint and are clean burning. Their only limitation is that they are not designed to run 24/7. The Drori’s have personally had a propane generator at their home in Hope Town for over 5 years and have been very satisfied with both performance and running cost. The buying group already has 8 commitments but the more units we can buy, the more negotiating power we will have. Any interested parties are invited to contact Neil at or Thomas at



Also, please contact Stafford Patterson if you are interested in Solar Power. 




Sue Holloway reports this amazing news for Junior Sailing: NEW OPTIS FOR HOPE TOWN

The 2019 Opti North American Championships were held in Nassau in late September, and two of our HTJS kids sailed on the Bahamas National Team. The OPTINAM organizers, the sailing teams from around the world, and the Bahamas Sailing Association all wanted to show their support for Hope Town, which had lost so much in the hurricane.

As a result, Hope Town Junior Sailing has received word that six new Optis are waiting in Nassau for delivery to Hope Town. Robert Dunkley, Director of the Bahamas National Sailing School, reported:

"Through donations from the various teams and assistance from BSA, we have secured 6new boats for Hope Town Junior Sailing, fully equipped with blades, spars, sails, lines, and dollies - all ready to be sailed. The Japanese donated the sails which are slightly used race sails. We have put these in storage in a container and when your club is ready for them, we will ship them to you."

This is wonderful news, and a testament to the close-knit sailing community not just in the Bahamas, but around the world.





Check out for condition updates. Below is the link to the boaters’ page with important information for all cruisers heading to Elbow Cay.




Updates From Club Members (& past members):


The January meeting of the Hope Town West group on the Treasure Coast was an outstanding success and very well attended. Many thanks to Lorraine & Bob Morecraft for hosting this gathering of approximately 40 people at their apartment complex’s community room. It was wonderful to see so many Hope Town winter residents and HTSC members, both past and present. Winning the long distance awards were past webmaster Bob & Betty Rogers who came from South Carolina to attend this stand-up before heading to Sarasota, while Jim Renegar & Gloria Colthrap came from North Carolina and were in the area for a few weeks. Photos by Gail Barton & Carol Pahl.





Debra & John Barrows (Mandalay) hosted a gathering for some of the Hope Town winter residents that are in Vero Beach this year. This included the Wolcks, Gearens, Beaudoins, Storcks, and Goodwins.





Jim Ryan, Sharon Girard, Cliff & Marilyn Chappel, and Dave & Carol Pahl visited the Tuckahoe Mansion in Jensen Beach’s beautiful Indian Riverside Park. Their very knowledgeable tour guide was Eleanor Epler who volunteers there every third Wednesday of the month.




There was a festive New Year’s celebration in Maine when Martha Ross, Bryan Jones, Kim & Rick Penning, and Bill & Nan Fulton got together.




The Portland Yacht Club collected $9000 for the HTVFR thanks to their annual Ladies Christmas Dinner charity, which included the matching donation that PYC’s Commodore Bob Morgan made! The commodore and his wife Bo included the Brubakers in the ceremony since they had visited them in Hope Town many times and their burgee hangs in the HTSC along with the HTSC’s burgee hanging on the wall at the PYC. Thanks go out to Amy Brubaker for the info and photo in this report.





After the Merrills left the US west coast and returned home to find out how cold it was, they decided it was time to head south. First stop was in Dewey Beach, Delaware to visit Rick & Louanne Judge.




Winky & Cindy Merrill recently met up with past members Amy & Pete Brubaker on the Oregon/Washington border, while the Merrills were in the area helping their son Will, recover from a serious bicycle accident.





From Ted Estep: Sip Sip SOTS held a meeting at On da Beach Friday night, December 13th. 20 or so gathered for drinks and fun, with proceeds going to Abaco Animals. It was a little smaller crowd than normal, but we anticipate more in January. The harbor is filling up and there are presently 18 boats and more coming everyday!





The first Hope Town West stand-up was hosted by Kate & John Barr at their condo’s clubhouse in Stuart (thank you Kate & John!). Approximately 20 HTSC members and guests attended on the very rainy evening, but spirits were high with everyone getting together and seeing each other again. Dave Pahl presented a photo slideshow from his recent trip back to Abaco, and Kim Rody & Mark Kopp, who also just returned from Hope Town, stopped by to join in the fun. Delicious food and great camaraderie made this a memorable evening for all. Everyone is looking forward to additional stand-ups on the Treasure Coast as more members (and past members) arrive for the winter starting in January.






A few of the Harbour Rats have returned to Hope Town to help out. Will Heyer (Antares) and Dave Pahl (who crossed with Claire & Ted Estep on Another Life) did a survey of the Abaco Dinghy fleet and found them all to be in good shape! They even found Sam Hummel’s Scully under the lighthouse shed roof, which had flown off with the dinghy still attached. With the help of other volunteers, they retrieved the boat, which also had pilings in it, and it is now floating again. Thank you all for helping to preserve these boats to keep the tradition alive.




Ben Puckett’s 46 ft. trawler Crawfish, that washed ashore during the hurricane, was patched up and then re-floated via crane and barge. This monumental project took all day (Photos thanks to Kim Rody & Monica Cook). In the following days, Ben's sailboat Still Restless was also refloated from washing up onshore at Sunshine Park.





Saved from the rubble: Linda Knowles surprised Dave & Carol Pahl by finding their irreplaceable Abaco Dinghy half hull model made and signed by Winer Malone, in the rubble of what was their apartment over Lighthouse Marina.




Mary Balzac checked in to tell us she is staying with her brother in North Carolina at the moment, after losing her home in Hope Town to Dorian. Below is a photo of Mary and her family as they evacuated on the fast ferry to Nassau. Lory and Marissa went with her, while Jane and Cha stayed on in Hope Town to help.



A Mary Balzac selfie on the ferry with 200+ evacuees and many pets, plus the painting Mary made about the hurricane...




Lost and Found...When Leslie Pritchard’s house was blown away by Hurricane Dorian, she lost many family mementos, including her father’s prized life ring from the Robert Fulton that used to service Wilson City during the lumbering years. Amazingly, Monica Cook found it and placed it at the Wyannie Malone Museum!





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***Please contact Carol Fillmann or Nan Fulton if you have any information changes for the annual roster/directory.



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DRESS TO IMPRESS!!! You can order items from Land's End, (including Polo shirts, sweaters, jackets, hats, luggage, etc) with the HTSC logo, in any size, any style, and any color! A US credit card & address are needed. The cost for applying any of the logos to Lands' End items is $5.95

To place an order: phone 1-800-535-30601-800-535-3060 FREE. Give item number and ask for Hope Town Sailing Club Logo to be added. The account number for the Sailing Club is 3002900. Specify which logo:

*Plain burgee logo ordering number is 922517
* 50th anniversary logo ordering number is 1340688
*There is another version for HTSC as well, set up in 2002. It is the plain burgee with the words "Hope Town Sailing Club" printed in red underneath. This logo number is 0269738





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