2019 Hope Town Sailing and Sports Camp


(Revised on July 16th, 2019)


Photos from Hope Town Sailing & Sports Camp's Facebook Page:


From Jessica Mann Charters:

Hello Hope Town Sailing and Sports Camp Fans,


Today (July 15th) saw some very good wind out on the sea side. Anne Adair came in to teach campers windsurfing. 27 years of camp and she is still going strong!




Stephen Charters, a councillor from Oxford, England, set up a slack line where campers and counceillors alike tried to make it across to the pylons. Pictured Colleague Councillor PDS’s own Casey Upton’s brave across the slack line.




Camp leader, Mr. Jim Laughlin took local Bahamian children out on the sunfish that have been at camp for its 27 years, and they keep going.


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