(Revised on March 5th, 2019)




Commodore: David Hanafourde:


Welcome to all members. Thank you for attending the Annual Meeting. The committee chairs will be providing a summary of their efforts and I don’t want to up stage them so I will limit my remarks.


I wish to give special thanks to all of the executive committee members without whom the club would not function. Everyone of them performed a key job in running the club. That leaves the commodore to just stand up and speak!


I also would like to thank all of the volunteers who have make the events work smoothly this year. I would particularly want to thank the people who made the Christmas Party a rousing success, the groups that put on the Mens’ and Women’s Luncheon, and the 2018 Commodores Dinner and Picnic, all of which were excellent. I would also like to thank Jay Evans our Fleet Captain, he is stepping down this year after a number of years as fleet captain. This year’s BIC and VBICs have been well attended and fun. Finally, but by no means least, the Race Committee for their continued successful efforts in small and large boat racing.


Now for my efforts. During the past year several of us took on a task to reduce the congestion on the beach and improve handling the small sailboats. We looked at a number of options including refurbishing the HTJS pontoon boat and with the possible exception of the pontoon, nothing was found to improve the situation. We did however find an alternative that would provide more space for additional boats. That alternative is a result of the Christies agreeing to consider our use of the land between the library and the Edge and between their office and the sail shop. This would be a very generous offer but requires some type of dock which would be our responsibility. This is only worth considering if we have a significant number of members who would be interested in adding Sunfish. At the moment, we have 2 people but need substantially more before it could be considered.


Along with Al Shapiro and Chris Prewitt, I have been working on an update of the medical evacuation plan. We hope to have this updated in the next few weeks. However, at the moment the plan is for everyone to stay healthy.

In summary this has been a great year and I thank you for everyone’s support of me and I am looking forward to a great year ahead.


Vice Commodore: David Allin


2019 Hope Town Junior Sailing Report for AGM


This season has been busy. Head Instructor Caitlin Wilhoyte began the intermediate and advanced program in January, sailing in 420’s and Sunfish. Beginners in Optis start later this year in March, to coincide with warmer and less windy weather. The classes will run through June.


Rhiannon Thomas has held two Ladies Sailing classes of four sessions each. Eleven women sailors have taken part, learned the basics on Sunfish, and had lots of fun in the process.


Junior Instructors Branden Sands and Joey Gale have worked with the racing team to get them ready for several regattas, leading up to qualifying for the Bahamas team for the North American Championships. They practice after school and on weekends, and race on Sundays as well.


This summer we will send two sailors to the 5-day Instructor Course in Nassau – one junior sailor and one assistant instructor. Then we will have four certified instructors working with the program, with specialized teaching skills, as well as first aid and CPR training.


Ongoing fund-raising includes a pledge program to defray regatta costs, and a benefit concert at the Marina. However, clearly the most regular support comes from Sailing Club members, who donate along with your membership dues. Thank you very much for your continued support, which reached record levels this year.


Beyond that, the Vice Commodore has a pretty easy life. His main tasks are, as a stand in when the Commodore is otherwise engaged, or off island, and to support the Commodore as needed, which this year has been a pretty easy and uncomplicated task. So I have nowt else to report. Thanks.


Rear Commodore: Patti Love


This has been a smooth-running season. I have been assisting the new House Committee Chairman in transitioning in their positions. Kate Barr and Susan Crowe have really done a fantastic job. Kate will be back for the January position and Dena Cameron has volunteered for the November Opening to January 1st. Dena is seeking volunteers for the Christmas Dinner. If you would like to be a part of this, please sign up. Thank You.


Commodore-at-Large: Eric Patterson


The Sailing Club and its membership have once again exceeded expectations in their charitable volunteerism and monetary support this year.


Here is a short list of some of the worthy causes that have been supported over the last year:



Hope Town Sailing and Sports camp

Hope Town Junior Sailing

Hope Town Fire Rescue


Abaco Rage Sailing Syndicate

Lighthouse Preservation Society

Friends of Abaco Animals

Friends of the Environment


I would like to encourage members to please continue the outstanding support that has been given to Hope Town Junior Sailing since its inception. This program fulfils objectives the first three objectives of HTSC by promoting sailing, holding regattas and encouraging Bahamians to continue their interest in sailing.


The junior sailors have a excellent opportunity this year to experience international competition with the North American Optimist Championship being held in Nassau later this year. The have been diligently practicing and will have to take part in no less than three regattas this year just to qualify!


I truly appreciate the contributions that the Hope Town Sailing Club makes each year to keep Elbow Cay a place we all love. Many Thanks.


Past Commodore: Dave Pahl


I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on our ever evolving human resources within the HTSC and the Executive Committee in particular. While our Flag Officers are nominated and elected for a fixed term, the remainder of the executive board are appointed, and with an infinite term. This results in the make up of the board to be in a constant state of evolution. Then there are assistants, determined by the Flag Officers, who pitch in when the primary committee member may be absent. We are a group in constant motion, coming and going, at different speeds and durations. Communication is the key to continuity and every effort is made to keep all of the board members in the loop and functioning. I am pleased to see new club members making themselves available. Every one of our general members has something to offer and many have multiple talents. We urge you not to be shy and to make yourself available. I am of the opinion that our executive board functions amicably and efficiently. If you would be interested in helping to make decisions that will steer the direction of the club, please talk to one of the Commodores. I believe our strength is in our diversity and your help will be appreciated. There are many facets of the HTSC, both socially and sailing. The executive board makes it all run seemingly effortlessly, but believe me, there is a lot of work behind the scenes and I thank them all for what they do.



Treasurer: Pat Judd


I would like to thank the many people that have made it possible for me to produce the Treasurer’s Report for 2017/18.

It always takes a group effort to produce the finance statement for the Club. Many thanks to Carol Pahl for collect dues and other income in November and December. We are going to reward her and give her the title of Assistant Treasurer. Patti Hanafourde, for her summer treasury duties and of course Stafford Patterson for keeping me supplied with signed checks and his “keeper of the checkbook” responsibility during the summer months, not to mention making deposits in Marsh Harbour.


Loving thanks to my husband Pete for his support and patience. Without their combined efforts I could not do my job as Treasurer.


Members contributed generously to Junior Sailing, BASRA, and the Rage with their annual dues payment. The following contributions will be announced and distributed at the Commodore’s Dinner:


BASRA: $4,233.00

Jr. Sailing $3,408.00

Abaco Rage $2,859.00


These organizations depend heavily on contributions from the HTSC and are supplemented from various fund raisers held throughout the year.


A copy of the 2018/19 Operating Statement and the 2019/20 Budget were distributed to the Executive Board and copies will be available to general membership.



House Committee: Kate Barr


The Men and Women’s Luncheon was very successful and everyone had a wonderful time. Thanks to our hosts the Blocks and Brodie’s for making it so much fun and very organized. Also thank you to Eric Stafford for his help in the logistics of getting what we needed where it needed to go.


The various elements of the Commodores Dinner are in place. A meeting on 3/5/2019 with Tom at the Abaco Inn established the table arrangements, menus and program. The entrees have been selected by each guest and each will receive a $60 bill with Vat and Gratuity included. The bar bill will be separate and gratuity will be based on this amount only. It promises to be a lively and special evening!


The standup sign up for next year is being filled out as members make their plans for next season.


The Spring Picnic on 3/30/2019 will be at the Probst residence and the intricacies of those plans will begin after the Commodores Dinner.



Membership Chair: Deanna Taylor


This past year the HTSC has accepted 29 new members, 9 members having resigned, and 2 members have passed away. The club membership standing at 298.


Members having passed away:

Catherine Yardley 4/17/18

Dottie Shrier 6/18/18

Past members:

Jean Seydel @1983

John Sweeney @1988

Mike Edwards @ 2001


New Members:

John Hanahan and Terry Finnigan 3/6/18

Gary and Heather Newell 3/6/18

Mike and Claybourne Ryan 3/6/18

Charlie and Kim Stoltz 3/6/18

Carl Richie and Chris Grant 3/6/18

Glen and Linda Brodie 3/6/18

Martha Ross and Bryan Jones 11/6/18

John and Karina Pinder: Reinstated11/6/18

Will Lange and Suze Weir 11/6/18

Ted and Claire Estep 11/6/18

Al and Lana Hefner 11/6/18

Colin Mathews 2/6/19

Richard and Georgina Frenyo 2/6/19

Sam and Tim Regan 2/6/19

Rick and Margaret McGregor 2/6/19

Michael & Anna Hatchard 3/5/19

Richard Woods 3/5/19

Jimmy Renegar & Gloria Coltharp 3/5/19

Martin & Lynn Cooper 3/5/19



Roster Chair: Carol Fillmann


1. Minute Man Press

a. Have arranged for them to print again this year

b. Estimated cost $1500.

c. Will definitely mail roster myself

d. Printer provided 15 extra rosters/mailing issues

2. Additions and deletions

a. 29 new members this year

b. 9 members resigning

c. Have dues slips for corrections


Building & Grounds Chair: Stafford Patterson


Good day Ladies and Gentlemen,


As your Buildings & Grounds Chairman it is my pleasure to report that our building, grounds and dock is in great shape, thanks in big part to immediate Past Commodore Winky Merrill and The Anonymous Work Crew who performed numerous repairs and improvements to the building as well as overseeing a total dock replacement during years 2016 and 2017. As a result, my job has been easy this year. So I would like to take the opportunity here to ask you, our members, to forward on any concerns about the maintenance and safety of our building and dock to me so as they can be acted on in a timely manner. And thank you for giving me to opportunity to serve the Hope Town Sailing Club, it is an honor and a pleasure. Good day!


Race Committee Chair: David Allin


In my report of last year, I said that big boat racing was thriving with an active and enthusiastic fleet, this year that fleet whilst still being active and I believe enthusiastic, is smaller, mainly through some boats not being here this season, the untimely death of one of the die hard skippers and other assorted reasons. I have every hope that it will revive again next year, and we continue to encourage visiting sailors to come and race with us.


By contrast the dinghy fleet is thriving, a great tribute to the efforts of Rocky Keith & Dave Pahl. We regularly have 12 or more Sunfish, and that number has been as high as 16 on one occasion. The Abaco Dinghy fleet has not been out as regularly as we might have liked mainly due to weather related constraints. It has also been very gratifying to see the Juniors out in the Optis ....they are practising hard, as they prepare for the qualifying races, in their efforts to secure a spot on the Bahamian National team, in time for the Opti North American Championships to be held in October in Nassau.


For both of these fleets we have instituted new courses in order to spice up the sailing and I believe that our efforts have been met favourably. By the way there is something new to look out for, thanks to the efforts of Committee member John Storck, the editor of The Abaconian has accepted to publish John's racing reports and result sheets in the newspaper...who knows we might see more interest in our races. In John's absence Dave Pahl will be the author.


Of course Mother Nature has played her hand in delaying some of the races but so far we have been able to make up each race for both fleets, with the exception of the Abaco Dinghy fleet, since the weather that a Sunfish sailor enjoys is quite different to that, that an Abaco Dinghy can survive.


We have been very fortunate in obtaining good committee boats so far this year, although two are from non club members, and one was a non club member when he first did the duty, but is now a club member. It is something of a struggle to get suitable committee boats for both series of races and we have particularly missed " Caesar's Ghost " this year, our permanent Dinghy fleet committee boat in year's past.. ARSS did not react favourably to my suggestion that they forget about sailing " Abaco Rage ": and concentrate " Nomad " as our permanent committee boat, however they have already agreed to do the two day HopeTown Cup event again next year. We thank all who have allowed their boats to be used for committee work and also those who have given their time and boats tp act as mark boats......without you we could not race ...you are all appreciated immensely.


Of course all this would not be possible without my dedicated band of committee members, they have been, in no particular order, John Foster, Pam Cantrell, Denise White, Di Hunter, Linda Eshleman, Sue Holloway, John Storck, Pim Epler, Claire Estep. and of course my wife Catherine. Regrettably we are set to lose Sue Holloway and Denise White this year, as both may not be back for the bulk of next season . Thank you all for your support, and making our trips to the start and finish lines such an absolute pleasure .....it is not for nothing that various skippers and/or observers have said that you were absolute professionals. Running races is a team effort and you are one hell off a team !!!!


I would be remiss if I did not also thank that stalwart of our racing scene, Will Heyer, for his permanent good humour and reliability and help in setting the courses for the cruising boat races. Without Will our job would be much more difficult, quite apart from the fact that there would be none of the brilliant action pictures from each race, so thank you Mr Heyer.


We look forward to the balance of the season this year. Thank you all.


Fleet Captain: Jay Evans


We have had a successful series of Cruising events, starting with our well attended overnight in Fisher’s Bay, GUANA Cay during January. Weather then interfered with our plan to visit Little Harbor, however we were able to substitute a very successful outing to Cracker P’s. We have since had a bonfire at Tahiti Beach and for the few who missed it, we have another scheduled for March 25th. Coming up on the 13th of March will be a Pursuit Race followed by a Raft-Up immediately outside Hopetown Harbor. This will be a collaborative effort with our Race Committee. The format is very popular because racers know how they are doing throughout the race. And, of course, if you have a frustrating experience . . . We’ll, that’s why we have a raft up party at the end. Please sign up early for this event as it will help us set up the starting times. Finally, we hope to have a cruise to Green Turtle on the 10th though 12th of April. This should be convenient to cruisers heading back to the states. You will hear much more about this cruise as we move towards April. On a personal note . . . I’ve enjoyed being Fleet Captain over the past eight years. At times it’s been challenging, but overall I’ve enjoyed the effort. I am now retiring, but I’m pleased to announce that John Barr will be assuming the position commencing next year. I have offered to serve as Assistant Fleet Captain. John would you please come up to receive your flag. Thank you.


Sunfish Fleet Captain: Rocky Keith


I promise this report will be short, I’m finished.


However, I do have a few footnotes:


The 2018/19 season has been the most successful ever, with a high turnout of 18 Sunfish in one race, and an average of 12 over 4 races. Moreover, our fleet is resilient and attracting new enthusiastic sailors.

We truly have a gifted set of skippers including among others:

1 circumnavigator

1 internationally ranked dinghy, big boat sailor

1 professional Motor cycle ice racer


During the series we witnessed truly courageous acts of bravado, as exemplified by Sail number 80360 valiantly trying a port tack start against an aggressive herd of 7 starboard tackers.


None of these races would be possible without the dedicated support of our Race Committee, thank you David and Catherine Allin, et al.


Our fleet of 8 boats is in great shape given their age. We have updated them with 7 new sails and thanx to a donation from Keith Stratton of 3 rigs, sails and spare parts, we are in good shape.


Of course we have an ongoing challenge of keeping our aging fleet afloat and competitive.


Finally, We continue to explore storage and launching alternatives to the overcrowded beach in front of the club for both club and private dinghies.


Webmaster: Carol Pahl


All is well with the website. Everyone is so fast in getting information to me that I can normally post updates within 24 hours of any event, and usually much sooner than that. Nancy Schiffer still excels at being the ace reporter and photographer at events she goes to. John Storck is back and writing his witty reports about the races while he is on island, and Dave Pahl does it when John is not here. Sue Holloway has been sending in photos and reports for Junior Sailing, the Homer Lowe Regatta, and the Ladies Sunfish classes. Photographers Will Heyer and Catherine Allin are getting their photos to me the same day as the races and other events, while John Barr sends me photos while events are still happening. Art Dennis is taking photos of the dinghy races when he is out spectating, and during one race series he took 300 photos, went back to his boat and downloaded them, then brought a flash drive back out to me on the course before the races were even over. Plus there have been numerous other photographers that have sent me pictures throughout the past year. It doesn’t get better than this and I cannot thank everyone enough for all their efforts and hard work. It makes it so much easier and quicker for the information to become available to the readers.


As far as the HTSC members only Facebook page is concerned, there are now 114 people who have joined. It has been great seeing more of our members and executive committee using this source to get time sensitive information out to you. If you have not joined, please do so, and there is a link at the bottom of the Current News page of the website for this purpose.


Thank you all so much for visiting both the Facebook page and especially the club’s website. It is amazing that since 2005 we have had close to 103,000 views on www.hopetownsailingclub.com! I hope you enjoy all the news, photos, and information that is posted there. Please don’t forget to share your adventures both on and off island, especially during the summer months. Your input makes a big difference and keeps everything current and interesting.



Nominating Committee Chair: Jay Evans


On the 5th of February a Nominating Committee was appointed by vote of the Executive Council to serve for an extended period of time through this and the next Annual Meeting. It was felt that the Committee would benefit from having more time to solicit comments from members in its effort put together the best slate of officers. Named to the Committee were: Margy Hyde Stafford Patterson Kim Penning Marcia Talley Jay Evans In accordance with Article 7 of our By-Laws - The elective officers of the club shall be a Commodore, a Vice Commodore, a Rear Commodore, and a Commodore at Large and each shall be past or present owner of a sail boat. The Commodore at Large shall ordinarily be an Abaco resident. These officers are the Directors of the Company. - The flag officers shall be elected for a term of one year or until the election of a successor. The election shall be conducted at the annual meeting of the membership. - The Vice Commodore shall ordinarily be elevated, by election, to the post of Commodore after a two year term. The Rear Commodore shall ordinarily be elevated, by election, to the post of Vice Commodore after a two year term.


This year our task is easy as our current flag officers have all expressed a willingness to continue in their positions for another year. The nominating committee therefore places in nomination at this annual meeting the following slate: David Hanafourde -Commodore, David Allin Vice -Commodore, Patti Love -Rear Commodore, and Eric Patterson -Commodore at Large.


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