(Revised July 18th, 2016)


It's taken five years to get this information together, but there is now a plan that works to get you the medical help you need in an emergency while on the island. Thanks to Al Shapiro, Lori Malm, Jack Helm and Doug Behrendt for all the research, and Neil Drori for figuring how to make it easy to download and for keeping it updated! There is a lot of information to wade through, but we suggest you look at it NOW (before you need it) and download the forms that will help you the most. Fax or file them as needed, but keep them handy!!!



If you haven't received your personal copy of this medical evacuation procedure in your email, try clicking HERE for the PDF file (may take a few minutes with slower internet connections)..... or if that doesn't work, contact the secretary, by clicking HERE. PLEASE NOTE THIS CORRECTION: The FAX number for St.Mary's Hospital is now: 561-882-6162.



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