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The "2018 Catamaran Guru Rendezvous" was held in Abaco in May, with stop-overs in Green Turtle, Guana, and Hope Town. They attracted 30 catamarans and about 90 participants. The final day was an informal race from Guana to Tahiti Beach. Paul Gooding was asked whether Hope Town Junior Sailing could help, by setting up a finish line at Tahiti Beach, and recording the order of finishers. Although Paul could not be there, K Guinness and Brad Gunn volunteered. After the race, there was a dinner at Sea Spray. Brad and K were invited, and received a donation of $1,800 for Junior Sailing. Fantastic! There are plans to hold a similar event next year, again in Abaco, between May 26 and 29. Hopefully they will again seek our help -and maybe give another donation! (Report by Paul Gooding)




HTJS Board of Directors:


Paul Gooding, President

Stafford Patterson, Vice President

Sue Holloway, Secretary

Jeff Gale

K. Guinness





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