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Club News:


The lovely photo of our lighthouse at night on the HOME page was taken by JaySky Productions and posted on Facebook.




Food Glorious Food! The HTSC traditional Christmas Dinner was held in the Clubhouse this year and was a delightfully delicious event for the 70+ members that attended. The Abaco Inn chefs (thank you Tom Hazel!) cooked up the meats, while everyone else prepared their favorite side dish, appetizer, or dessert to compliment the feast. John Oakes, Will Heyer, and Vice Commodore David Allin spent the evening carving up the delectable turkey, beef, and ham. Caroline Wight (CW) adorned the HTSC table settings with festive decorations made out of tea candles, rosemary, fruit and nuts. Commodore David & Patti Hanafourde donated the liquor that went into the scrumptious rum punch and Bobbie & Ed Collins donated bottles of champagne for each table! Thank you to all who helped to make the evening an overwhelming success, especially our hosts Marcia & Barry Talley, John & Kate Oakes, Joann & Ridge Goodwin, and Stafford Patterson. The planning and work that this involves is immense and they outdid themselves! Will Heyer summed it up best, Great time, great food, and the best people!”


(Photos by Catherine Allin, Joann Goodwin, Will Heyer, & Carol Pahl)





18 of Santa’s elves showed up to help Dave & Carol Pahl decorate the Clubhouse for the holidays. Many thanks to the festive volunteers Bruce & Judy Wolck, Jacqueline Weber, Marcia Talley, Bob & Lorraine Morecraft, Pamela Cantrell & Ron Swezy, new members Ted & Claire Estep and Ed & Lynn Cusick, David Allin, Dena Cameron, and Rick & Kim Penning (who added their special touch by bringing Bloody Marys!).





Your help is needed! Monica Cook does an outstanding job of managing the annual Christmas Village, but she cannot do it without the help of MANY elves. If you can help in any way, either contact her directly or sign up online This year’s village will be held December 16,17, & 18 (see more info below).





Bravo Saint James Players! This year’s Christmas Play “Annie” deserved the standing ovations it received from the sold out audiences. Although Annie, played by the very talented Kailey Sweeting, was the lead character, all the cast gave outstanding performances on all three evening performances at the Community Center. These young actors rehearsed every day for 10 weeks to perfect the play and entertain us all. It couldn’t be done without the behind the scenes crew though, including scene design and painting (loved the Empire State Building and Chrysler Building in NYC), costumes, make up, choreography, music director, and stage hands, among others. Kudos to Carrie Cash & Jane Engle for their many years of directing these marvelous plays. All proceeds benefit the Bilaney Lane Orphanage and Teen Mission Trip.


(Photos by Catherine Allin & Carol Pahl)




The Hope Town Harbour Rats have worked their magic and lit up the Elbow Reef Lighthouse with festive lights. This experienced group consisted of Dena Cameron & Ted Alford, Marcia & Dan Crouch, Pamela Cantrell & Ron Swezy, Will Heyer, Bob Morecraft, David Allin, Dave & Carol Pahl, and spearheading the project was Mark Kopp. Thank you Harbour Rats for a job well done!





At the annual Christmas tree lighting in Hope Town, these Hope Town women were honored, which included Tanny Key, Marie Pinder, Mary Balzac, Margaret Fox, Bell Albury, Peggy Gates, Lucille Russell, & Leona McDonald. Photo by Monica Cook.



Sunfish Work Party: Thanks to Sue Holloway, Ron Swezy, Pamela Cantrell, Dave & Carol Pahl, Peter & Linda Eshleman, and Ed Cusick, the Sunfish have their new sails on, plus the boats have been bleached and repaired where needed!






Best of the Best! Congratulations to the A.R.S.S. crew that attended the Best of the Best Regatta in Nassau. Despite almost sinking in one of the windy races, the Lonesome Dove placed 3rd in the B Class, and It Ain’t Right placed 2nd in the C class with a jury rigged repair on the boom (bring on the pallet wood and epoxy!). Thanks to Stafford Patterson for his photos and videos on Facebook, and the regatta was also streaming live! 




Refresher Course on Stand Up Responsibilities: Club members have only two official responsibilities. One is to pay annual dues and the other is to meet the annual Stand Up requirement.* Members have the choice of either hosting a Stand Up or paying the Amnesty fee of $80 per member. The Stand Up hosting schedule and opportunities to host can be found on the website. If the remaining open hosting dates do not coincide with your Hope Town schedule, you can meet your responsibility by signing up to work on a Special Event. The committees for the Christmas Party, Men's and Ladies Luncheon,and Spring Picnic are all labor intensive events and need and welcome willing workers. Working on one of these events is a great way to get involved in the Club and new members are strongly encouraged to participate. Sign up sheets for assisting in these events can be found on the website and are posted at the Club.


In addition, Proposers and/or Sponsors of new members are asked to assure that new members understand this responsibility and provide some "hand holding" at the new members first Stand Up. The initial hosting of a Stand Up can be nerve wracking and a little help from the members Sponsor/Proposers can smooth the way. Ideally, the new member and Proposer and/or Sponsors will either co-host or be on hand to show the new member the ropes.


*Members who will not be in Hope Town Nov.-April or are not able to attend even one Stand Up are exempt.




Congratulations and thank you to Kate Wetherby Barr & Susan Crowe who will be our new House Committee Co-Chairs beginning in January! A huge thank goes out to Patti Love & Kim Penning who have worked so hard and are retiring, but agreed to stay on until Kate & Susan take over.




Kudos to Roster Curator Carol Fillmann and her assistant Nan Dewing Fulton for getting our new rosters printed and mailed. If you have any changes in information, please contact them so it can go in next year’s directory. Also, if you have not received your copy, let Carol know. Those members with Green Cove Springs addresses have their books waiting for them in the HTSC Clubhouse.




Welcome new members Ed & Lynn Cusick and Lance Krolczyk. Click on the MEMBERSHIP title above to find out information regarding the process involved in becoming a member, plus the list of new and deceased members since the roster books were published.




Our new directories and annual dues notices have been mailed. Your payment is due by January 1, 2019 and if you happen to be late, the price increases by $25 per person until March 1, 2019. After this date you will be dropped from membership and you don’t want to miss out on any of the we would miss you!



Note to U.S. citizens: When you consider sending in your charitable donations with the dues notice, please keep in mind that any $250 minimum donation may be tax deductible through PERC. This is a registered section 501(c)(3), not-for-profit corporation and enables U.S. citizens to make tax-deductible contributions to PERC approved charities. PERC’s website, with detailed information and a complete list of qualified charities, can be found HERE or by clicking at the link at the bottom of this page. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Doug Hyde.



Racing season begins on Boxing Day, December 26th! Our new rosters, along with the RACING page here on the website, have the complete dates for both cruising boats and dinghies. These races cannot be held without YOUR help though. Committee boats and mark boats are imperative for each race, so  please sign up online or contact Race Chairman David Allin  if you can help. It really is a fun way to see the races! 



Farewell to our furry friend...Lucy “the talking dog” has passed on to Rainbow Bridge at the age of 13 ½. Constant companion to Will & Muffin Heyer, she was a friend to all with a greeting that everyone looked forward to. We have such fond memories of her including seeing her waiting at the Clubhouse door (and sometimes sneaking in) at every stand-up. She will be sorely missed on board Antares, around town, and on the beach. Our heartfelt condolences go out to Will & Muffin during this difficult time.





Caesar's Ghost Dismasted! While motoring down the ICW in Ft. Pierce Florida, Di Hunter's Gemini catamaran was dismasted when the helmsman (not Di!) tried to go under a bascule bridge without it being open. The rig came down, chain plates and fiberglass were pulled out, along with the center section between the two hulls where the rolling furling attaches. Luckily no one was injured, but the boat is to be hauled out and she is awaiting insurance, rigging, and fiberglass estimates. Our hearts go out to you Di and we hope you and Caesar's Ghost will be able to return to Hope Town soon!


Check out Hope Town Junior Sailing's Summer/Fall Newsletter, including the Opti Nationals held in Harbour Island, by clicking on the JUNIOR SAILING icon at the top of this page. Also on their page is the report from the 2018 Catamaran Guru Rendezvous that the juniors helped with.




Congratulations to Kate Oakes whose article on Ellipsis, the sailboat that washed up on Hope Towns Beach, is featured in the 2018 Summer Edition of Abaco Life Magazine! Look for it on pages 25-31. This was such a big hit that Kate has been asked to write more articles!




Attention all Hope Town Harbor Rats: Do you have any of your ‘Rats Rags’ from days gone by? When Betsy Moody visited the Holloways, she brought 46 issues of the Harbour Rats newsletter that Doug had saved. Betsy & Sue  have scanned them into PDF files, including dates. Some of the issues are still missing and if you do have any of the missing ones, please contact Sue as it would be great to have the complete set for the archives. Everyone, whether they are living on land or sea, will be greatly entertained when reading the famous ‘Harbor Rats Rag’. Click HERE to check out these hilarious editions.




Hope Town Sailing and Sports Summer Camp was a huge success! This month long camp is run by Jim & Marjie Laughlin and supported through our HTSC dues. The complete array of photos and videos are on their Facebook page and a sampling of what fun they have had is here on the HTSC website under the 2018 SUMMER CAMP title above. Thanks also to Jessica Mann Charters who sent in photos and are included on the page. Jessica has been helping with camp since 1993 and is the daughter of past members Lucie & Sidney Mann and grandaughter of Jimmy & Ruth Bruere.



The MEDICAL EMERGENCIES page is under construction. Spearheaded by Commodore David Hanafourde, the evacuation procedure is in the process of being updated. For now, the most important thing to remember is to call Hope Town Volunteer Fire & Rescue at 242-801-9991 in emergencies or use VHF Channel 16 for assistance. They know which doctors are on call and are always there to help coordinate the initial medical treatment and evacuation off island if needed. Also important is having a ditch bag handy with all your important papers, medications, and passports ready in case you need a medical evacuation. A full update of the procedure will be available soon.



Thanks to Melissa Guinness, HTSC is now on Facebook! However, this is a HTSC MEMBERS ONLY GROUP page. Click on the link under 'other websites to visit' and ask to join.



Island News:





The 20th Annual Box Cart Derby was held on November 24th at Big Hill and competition was fierce. A good time was had by all the participants and spectators, with tons of delicious food and drink served. Commemorative shirts were available for purchase and each given away with a reusable shopping bag and goodies compliments of Fredericks Agency. Many thanks to all who volunteered to make the Derby a success ,with the proceeds for this event being donated to youth programs. Results are as follows: Junior Downhill: Ryan Knowles (HG Christie-mobile), 1st, Maison Koepke (Hope Town Canvas-mobile) 2nd, Scott Debris 3rd . Junior Slalom: Maitland Lowe 1st (in Dave Pahl’s Rat Sass, and was only a couple of seconds from beating the time of the senior winner!), Maison Koepke 2nd, Ryan Knowles 3rd. Junior Showmanship: Meredith Knowles (Shark-mobile) 1st, Teddy Ziskin (Yellow Submarine) 2nd, Dawson Thompson (Hawaiian Guy) 3rd. Senior Downhill: Christian Wilhoyte (White Lightning) 1st, Andrew Wilhoyte (Hope Town Canvas) 2nd, Neil Aberle 3rd. Senior Slalom: Christian Wilhoyte 1st, Andrew Wilhoyte 2nd, Josh (Pat McCully-mobile) 3rd. This year’s King of the Hill Overall winner (Downhill, Slalom, & Showmanship combined) was Queen Ryan Knowles! Congratulations to all! Below are a sampling of the webmaster's photos...





Community spirit! The Hope Town basketball court has a new concrete pad thanks to Chris Farren, who is the promoter of the annual Combustion Music Festival held each December. Chris has donated approximately $150,000 in projects and charities throughout the community! Helpers with the labor and pouring of the concrete included Clay Wilhoyte, Todd Cash, & Cha Boyce. In keeping with the community spirit, several of the basketball players that use the court, also turned out to volunteer their time with this project. Many thanks to everyone involved and congratulations on a job well done! Be sure to attend the upcoming Music Festival which will be held this December 7th-9th (scroll down for the flyer below).

Photo by Sabine Probst

Four moorings have been replaced at Fowl Cay National Park, making a total of eleven working moorings within the park. Replacement moorings are planned for Sandy Cay in the upcoming weeks. The moorings are rated to vessels of 28' or less and one vessel per mooring. The moorings project is a partnership between Friends of the Environment, The Bahamas National Trust & Volunteers. If you wish to contribute to the Project please contact Friends of the Environment at DiveTime Abaco.




Recycling is returning to Hope Town! Hope Town Zero Waste reports:“The new Recycling and Waste Bins have arrived for the four locations in town as part of a pilot project. Thank you Local Government for the approval! The locations are Jarret Park (i.e. Post Office Dock), the Lower Public Dock, St. James Community Centre and the Hope Town Primary School. We will be collecting aluminum drink cans only (NOT crushed) to begin with and ideally will shift this model as the recycler offers other waste streams in Nassau. There will also be a compost bin at the recently completed community garden. Reusable food service plates and bowls have arrived and are available, along with reusable bags. Check out their website at






There will soon be a new option for flying into Marsh Harbour! Beginning December 22, 2018, American Airlines will fly year-round direct from Charlotte (CLT) to MHH every Saturday. Tickets for this 76 seat plane arriving weekly, are already available for purchase.





The Editor of this column is always looking for information and stories to publish. Please email anything print-worthy (no guarantees). Click HERE to send your message.



DRESS TO IMPRESS!!! You can order items from Land's End, (including Polo shirts, sweaters, jackets, hats, luggage, etc) with the HTSC logo, in any size, any style, and any color! A US credit card & address are needed. The cost for applying any of the logos to Lands' End items is $5.95

To place an order: phone 1-800-535-30601-800-535-3060 FREE. Give item number and ask for Hope Town Sailing Club Logo to be added. The account number for the Sailing Club is 3002900. Specify which logo:

*Plain burgee logo ordering number is 922517
* 50th anniversary logo ordering number is 1340688
*There is another version for HTSC as well, set up in 2002. It is the plain burgee with the words "Hope Town Sailing Club" printed in red underneath. This logo number is 0269738





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