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Club News:


The 2018-2019 HTSC winter season has ended in style! Thanks to the efforts of Patte & Michael Myers, the last hosted Saturday evening stand-up was a stunning affair. Thanks also to Cindy Merrill for sending in the photos below:





Congratulations to Grumpy Ole Men for not only winning the Charles Pollack Trophy for cruising boats, but also for winning the Boat of the Year Trophy!  The final two races of both the cruising boats and dinghies can be found on the RACE RESULTS & PHOTOS page.



The race season may have ended, but the race committee is already starting to gear up for next winter's race series. The 2019-2020 dates for both crusing boats and dinghies are now posted on the RACING page. Check them out and make plans to participate by competing or signing up to be mark or race committee boat! Without your help the races cannot take place.



The 2020 cruising schedule is now posted on the CRUISING page and looks to be a fun season. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact Fleet Captain John Barr.




The MEDICAL EMERGENCIES page has been updated! Many thanks to Commodore David Hanafourde for getting together the proper procedure and requirements for medical evacuation, should it ever be needed. Click on the title above for this important information and the forms required.




A huge thank you goes out to Jill & Chris Prewitt who have retired after 9 years of running the Abaco Cruisers Net. Their dedication is so appreciated by all who listen each morning. They have now turned over the microphone to Lorraine & Bob Morecraft on Scaramouche and we thank them for volunteering for this important job that keeps everyone informed.




The Abaco Dinghy Winer Malone has set sail again after 20 years! The boat was the most complicated one that Will Heyer & Heinz Weber have rebuilt, but with their help, the help of Dave Pahl and several other enthusiasts, and lots of woodworking and varnish by its owner Craig Knowles, it is now spectacular. Congratulations Craig and you earned that champagne it was toasted with!


Photos By Carol Pahl & Ted Estep




The Nomad is headed to George Town. It is the time of year when the A.R.S.S heads to George Town to compete in the Annual Family Island Regatta held there. This year the support boat, the Nomad, is being brought down by Richard Cook, Eric Patterson, and Will & Muffin Heyer.


Although the Lonesome Dove will arrive by freight boat, It Ain’t Right is being towed behind the Nomad. The photo below shows it being escorted out the harbor so it can meet up with the Nomad. Good luck to all and we know you will do well in the races! Check back here for updates and results from the regatta April 23rd-27th.





John Storck reports that his Sabre 38 motoryacht Paradox is on its way from Ft. Lauderdale to Victoria, British Columbia aboard the 515’ MV Donaugracht. The trip should take approximately 3 weeks, transiting the Panama Canal, and the Storcks are looking forward to cruising Puget Sound once the boat arrives.





Nancy Schiffer summed up the HTSC Spring Picnic best: A perfect day, with great food, a stunning location, and generous hosts. A gorgeous Bahamian day -- Hope Town at its finest --was enjoyed by HTSC members at Gumelemi Ridge, the gorgeous ocean front home of Sabine & Reinhold Probst on the North End. Yummy BBQ ribs and chicken from Mackey's, plus delicious salads, sides, and desserts brought by HTSC members, quickly disappeared amid conversation, laughter, and libations. What a fantastic final event of the season! Many thanks to the Probsts, the House Committee, our picnic organizers and all who helped make the picnic such a memorable success.

Photos by Nancy Schiffer & Carol Pahl





Another record set! Eleven Women Sunfish sailors participated in the Di Hunter Sunfish Race on Tuesday, March 26th. There were many spectators on hand, including the “Men’s Auxillary”, to help and cheer on the competitors. Even though the west wind made Nathan’s Beach a lee shore for the start and finish line, the wind was perfect for rounding all the Parrot Cays clockwise. Di Hunter gave out the awards on the beach immediately following the race. Winner and defending her title for the second year in a row was Sabine Probst, followed by Caitlin Wilhoyte in second, and Susan Crowe in third. Kate Barr received the Wet T-shirt award for flipping her boat and continuing on and completing the race. Nancy Schiffer was also awarded for being tenacious after capsizing with gear failure and sail issues, and yet finished in 8th place. Many thanks to all who came out and to Aletha Langham & Richard Storck, with the help of Dave Pahl, for organizing the event, Hope Town Junior Sailing for the use of the Sunfish, and to Rhiannon Thomas for the sailing lessons that gave these women the confidence they now have! Here are the results: 1- Sabine Probst, 2- Caitlin Wilhoyte, 3-Susan Crowe, 4-Lory Kenyon, 5-Rhiannon Thomas, 6-Jan Metcalf, 7-Leslie Pritchard, 8-Nancy Schiffer, 9-Aletha Langham, 10-Valerie Healy, 11-Kate Barr. Be sure to check out Lorraine Morecraft's fantastic photo slideshow by clicking HERE.


Photos below by Carol Pahl





A Note from Hope Town Junior Sailing:




The HOMER LOWE REGATTA page now has the results and photos posted from this annual event held here in Hope Town on March 15th, 16th, & 17th!





The 2019-2020 Social Calendar has been posted in the Clubhouse and is now available on the SOCIAL CALENDAR page here on the website. Sign up to host soon as spaces are going fast! There is also a sign up sheet to help organize our special events including the Christmas Dinner, Men’s & Ladies’ Luncheons, Commodore’s Dinner, and Spring picnic. If you sign up to assist with these events, you will not be required to host a stand-up or pay amnesty.




Check out the JUNIOR SAILING page for Rhiannon Thomas' report on the recent preliminary race that was held in Nassau, which the kids needed to qualify for the Opti North American Nationals. Also check out Richard Woods' 2 video links posted on that page, along with past newsletters. 




The 2019 Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday, March 5th, with 56 members in attendance. If you happen to have missed hearing all the interesting reports from the executive committee chairs, you can read them on the 2019 AGM page here on the website.



The 2019-2020 slate of Flag Officers was approved and consists of:

Commodore: David Hanafourde

Vice Commodore: David Allin

Rear Commodore: Patti Love

Commodore-at-Large: Eric Patterson


The list of Executive Committee members can be found on the CONTACTS page.



A huge thank you goes out to Jay Evans who is retiring after 8 years of being Fleet Captain! He will continue on as assistant for the next year, but has turned over the Fleet Captain flag to John Barr. John has been helping out Jay for the past year, did a fabulous job of organizing the Guana Cay Cruise, and is looking forward to planning next season’s cruising events. Thanks to both of you for volunteering and all your hard work!




A warm welcome and thank you also goes out to Dena Cameron who will be our new House Committee Chair for the first half the season starting in November!



Joining Dena for the first part of the season and Kate Barr for the second half of the season as House Committee Vice Chair is Carol Fillmann. Thank you Carol for volunteering and to Susan Crowe, who is stepping down as co-chair. We appreciate all your hard work!




Posted for membership until the next executive committee meeting are: Steve & Betty Roberts. Click on the MEMBERSHIP title above to find out information regarding the process involved in becoming a member, plus the list of new members since the roster books were published.





Janet Reingold & Philip Yasinski are offering complementary moorings for Hope Town Sailing Club members cruising the Maine Coast in the summer ahead.


Four moorings are available north and west of the Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouse. These are heavy, deep water moorings for vessels up to 200 feet, in somewhat sheltered water at the entrance to Boothbay Harbor, Maine. The Lat/Long for these is: Cuckolds Island: Lat. 43° 46′ 8″N, Long. 69° 39’00”


Three more well-protected moorings are available in Pig Cove (the cove between Capitol Island and Southport Island), Lat/Long: N 43 49 428; W 069 39 071. These moorings will accommodate vessels up to 40 feet, and water depth at this locations is 8 feet at low tide. For these moorings, we can also provide fresh water and short term tie up at our float at Cozy Nook, our summer cottage.


Please contact us for more details and alert us to your anticipated arrival.
Janet Reingold: Email:
Philip Yasinski: Email:




It’s that time...our season is winding down and it’s always a sad time to see everyone start to head back to their summer homes. The Abaco Dinghies have been hauled out and stored, signaling the end of the dinghy race season. Approximately 30 people showed up to help carry the boats to their racks!



Later that evening, a party was held to honor the dinghies, their workers, and skippers at the Webers’ house. Jacqueline prepared a feast of Paella and salad for about 30 people, along with the help of Margaret Strickland




The night was topped off with a special delicious carrot cake for Will Heyer’s birthday that was decorated Abaco Dinghy of course!



The event also celebrated Heinz's recent acquisition of Ed & Bobbie Collins' dinghy, the Wyannie of Abaco. The tiller was passed from Ed to Heinz following the Di Hunter Women's Sunfish Race the next day.





Refresher Course on Stand Up Responsibilities: Club members have only two official responsibilities. One is to pay annual dues and the other is to meet the annual Stand Up requirement.* Members have the choice of either hosting a Stand Up or paying the Amnesty fee of $80 per member. The Stand Up hosting schedule and opportunities to host can be found on the website. If the remaining open hosting dates do not coincide with your Hope Town schedule, you can meet your responsibility by signing up to work on a Special Event. The committees for the Christmas Party, Men's and Ladies Luncheon,and Spring Picnic are all labor intensive events and need and welcome willing workers. Working on one of these events is a great way to get involved in the Club and new members are strongly encouraged to participate. Sign up sheets for assisting in these events can be found on the website and are posted at the Club.


In addition, Proposers and/or Sponsors of new members are asked to assure that new members understand this responsibility and provide some "hand holding" at the new members first Stand Up. The initial hosting of a Stand Up can be nerve wracking and a little help from the members Sponsor/Proposers can smooth the way. Ideally, the new member and Proposer and/or Sponsors will either co-host or be on hand to show the new member the ropes.


*Members who will not be in Hope Town Nov.-April or are not able to attend even one Stand Up are exempt.




Please contact Carol Fillmann or Nan Fulton if you have any information changes for the annual roster/directory. 



HTSC is now on Facebook! However, this is a HTSC MEMBERS ONLY GROUP page. Click on the link under 'other websites to visit' and ask to join.



Island News:




News from Every Child Counts Abaco: Huge congratulations go out to Latonya Moss who won 2 gold medals for bocce in the Special Olympics in Dubai in March!




March Cay Topics, by Nancy Schiffer: At the final Cay Topics luncheon of the season, the ladies of Hope Town lunched and learned of romance, love and the rewards and challenges of trading a life in the U.S. for one in the Bahamas. Bobbie Malone, Carrie Cash, Jane Patterson, Jane Engle, & Tami Cash charmed us all with their stories of how they fell in love, married, raised their families, and built their careers here. These five delightful and amazing women shared their memories and the stories of their lives – arriving here, meeting their husbands, managing their working lives, and finding a welcoming and supportive community here in this beautiful paradise. Many thanks to the ladies of the Cay Topics committee, to Tom Hazel and the professional, helpful staff of the Abaco Inn, and, especially, to the enthusiastic audience who braved the deluge for this special program.





The Editor of this column is always looking for information and stories to publish. Please email anything print-worthy (no guarantees). Click HERE to send your message.



DRESS TO IMPRESS!!! You can order items from Land's End, (including Polo shirts, sweaters, jackets, hats, luggage, etc) with the HTSC logo, in any size, any style, and any color! A US credit card & address are needed. The cost for applying any of the logos to Lands' End items is $5.95

To place an order: phone 1-800-535-30601-800-535-3060 FREE. Give item number and ask for Hope Town Sailing Club Logo to be added. The account number for the Sailing Club is 3002900. Specify which logo:

*Plain burgee logo ordering number is 922517
* 50th anniversary logo ordering number is 1340688
*There is another version for HTSC as well, set up in 2002. It is the plain burgee with the words "Hope Town Sailing Club" printed in red underneath. This logo number is 0269738





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